After lunch with our grandmother many years ago in Ticino, we set off to our way back to Bern by bike. Without any experience in climbing mountain passes we tackled the Nufenen and Grimsel passes. The impressive mountain landscape, the struggle with mind and body and the feeling of triumph from having conquered the passes remain unforgettable.

Many years passed… After a bike trip across South America, Pietro started to mountain bike enthusiastically and Gaspare took on triathlon. The passion for mountain passes remained however. Because we were not satisfied with the souvenirs available on the passes, we launched Passtricot. We wanted a lasting memento to evoke those feelings of successfully climbing a challenging pass. We hope our personally designed cycling jerseys will achieve that for the wearer.

We will continue to expand our jerseys to include new passes and would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or suggestions.